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  2. Wordscapes Master – River 12 – Levels 16737 to 16752

Wordscapes Master – River 12 – Levels 16737 to 16752

Wordscapes MasterRiver 12 – Levels 16737 to 16752 – SOLUTIONS & ANSWERS

Every Wordscapes player needs help once in a while, it’s almost impossible to know each and every correct word required to finish all the individuals levels available. Have in mind that we have organized the totality of the game solutions for those who want some assistance.

For organizational purposes and for the users who are interested in getting the solutions for those Wordscapes hard levels we catalogue in the same way as the game. In this section you can see underneath all the levels contained in the particular pack.

Give a click to your level wait until the correct answers and bonus words are displayed and advance to the next Wordscapes challenge!

Wordscapes LEVELS (16737 to 16752) correspondent to River 12Master:

(Click over the Level N° – Letters and get the correct answers)

Stage:River 12
Initial level:16737
Final level:16752
<< Lush 7Watch 3 >>

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