Wordscapes is defined by the developers as a game high suggested for individuals who want to challenge themselves and sharp their mind and in GameExpert.net we agree, that’s why we provide all the Wordscapes solutions to surpass the levels that keep you unable to advance.

We provide the same organization as the mentioned game so it’s easier to navigate and reach the answers and bonus words. To do this it’s necessary to go below, give a click to the correspondent button -with the group number or master level- and then select the level number.

Be aware that Wordscapes is a difficult game, get help if you need it…

Wordscapes Worlds or Master Levels:

Select one and navigate trough the stages or Master Levels, then choose the interested Wordscapes level to get the answers.

How to play Wordscapes? Step by step.

First step

Download, wait until Wordscapes it’s installed and open the game.

Second step

Select the level number and start and start completing with the words that you can create with the available letters. You can do this by selecting the first letter and going in order choosing the following ones, if the word is correct it will appear in the crossword, once every block is filled you can advance to the next level.

Third step

Continue advancing until you finish the 25000 Wordscapes available levels.

Adjust your preferences:

Choose between the languages:

Select between English, Deutsch and Francais, remember that a hole new range of clues and words is going to be available.

Go the the settings tab, the language button, select the one you want and confirm.

Music, sound and notifications:

Enable or disable as you prefer this characteristics so you can play more comfortable and listen to music or a podcasts for example…

Support section:

In the settings tab you can also have access to the official Wordscapes FAQ where you can read the answers to the most popular questions.

How to earn free coins in Wordscapes?

Watch videos:

You are able to watch a video and earn 25 coins for the time spent.

Finish tasks:

You can see the available offers, usually different tasks and activities to do that will make you earn new coins.

Complete surveys:

The third option is to complete a survey, just fill all the info required and get new coins.

Sign in to Facebook:

200 coins will be deposited to you Wordscapes profile if you log in to Facebook, additionally, the progress will be saved in case you want to play in a different device and don’t start from scratch.

Buy boosters in the shop:

There are different bundles available in the shop where you can get coins and booster by paying, this is extremely fast and easy if you don’t want to spend time watching ads, completing surveys or doing tasks.

Bonus words:

By guessing additional words -this means terms that do not fit in the crossword but make sense- the game will make you earn free coins.

Wordscapes boosters and helpers:

  • Shuffle:

Is it possible to re-organice the letters without spending coins, using this feature will adjust the order of the letters and it can be helpful to see it in a different way.

  • Bullseye:

This booster will complete a random empty block with the correct letter, it costs 100 coins.

  • Light-bulb:

A more powerful function, by using this, a complete word will be added to the crossword.

  • Rocket pop:

In the middle between the light-bulb and the bullseye by using the rocket pop, random letters will be added to the crossword.

  • Spelling bee:

One if not the best helper, it will reveal letters and make you earn coins.

  • Wordscapes answers and solutions:

Additionally, if the helpers previously mentioned are not enough, you can navigate trough our site and by clicking the main categories above you can get the right words to finish the levels.

What are the steps to download and play Wordscapes?

First of all you require to have an Android or an iOS device this means a Smartphone, a tablet, a TV or any device which have one of these operating system.

The second step is to access to the official apps and games stores, being Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Once there is it possible to use the search bar and type “Wordscapes”, click over the correct result (the game developed by Peoplefun, Inc) and -if the device is in agreement to the requirements- you are gonna be able to download it.

An even easier option is to provide a click to the image below of your OS and wait until being redirected.