Word Stacks

Word Stacks is a crossword, trivia and strategic game which challenges every individual who is willing to try it, it currently has more than 15.000 levels in total and this make it one of the most complete and entertainment apps available. Another thing we can’t forget to mention is the installation amount, that surpass the 10.000.000 in Android and some more in iOS.

The game is organized in chapters, it has 1500 chapters which contain 10 levels, for our users we have used the same organization. If you are looking for an specific solution, just navigate, select the chapter and then the level, by doing so you will reach the complete post with the clue and correct answers.

As we have said before it’s not cheating to get help in this kind of games, there are quite hard and sometimes our knowledge is not enough, we just a need a helper. The main idea is to LEARN and also IMPROVE our vocabulary and expand the mind. We hope you enjoy Word Stacks as much as we do…

Available CHAPTERS in Word Stacks:

Click an the square and you will see the levels corresponding to that specific chapter, then clic on and specific one and you will be provided with the correct answers.

Once it’s expanded just select the level.

Masters Levels

Sign in to Facebook:

It’s highly recommended to log in to Facebook, this means to access and connect your social media account with the Words Stacks game. If you do this, your progress will be saved and every time you access you will be loaded in the last level you left.

Use the dictionary:

Once you complete with a word in the screen, you will have access to the dictionary, this means you will be displayed with the definitions and information about every word you completed. This helps to increase your knowledge and improve your mind.

Sound and audio:

In the settings section you can disable or enable this options, extremely important if you want to list to music or a podcasts while playing.

Word Stacks Coins: Why are they important and how to get them?

Finish every chapter and gain a reward:

As the title displays, once you finish the 10 levels contained in every chapter you will get some small coin reward (25).

Earn free coins:

There is an option inside the game, were you can get free coin -to exchange for various benefits- doing some tasks. What kind of duties do we have to do? Well we can choose between watching videos with ads, complete surveys or select the option ‘offers’ with different small jobs.

Buy bundles in the shop:

Like every game it has its own shop were you can choose between the different packs available, select from small, super, huge, and even bigger packs with coins and boosters.

Bonus words:

By selecting in each level some words that are not related to the main assignment but make sense they will be displayed in the ‘Bonus word’ section and it will provide free coins as a reward for your knowledge.

How to get Word Stacks?

In order to download Word Stacks to your device you need to have a compatible operating system. The software runs in Android and iOS devices, this ones can be Smartphones, tablets or some TVs, you can search for the game in the Google Play Store or iTunes.

Click over the image that represents your OS (AndroidiOS) and download free Word Stacks.

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