Word Craze

Word Craze has appeared as one of the best and most played trivia and crossword game available for iOS and Android. There are quite a few competitors but not as good as this one, being recently launched it has gained thousand of players worldwide.

The game, Word Craze, has been developed by Betta Games a popular company who has previously launched related games like Word Vilas, Word Buddies and Word Crossy for mentioning just a few.

The objective of the game is to help the main character called Ann’s in her travel trough the world. To do this you will have to complete different crosswords corresponding to levels and then advancing to different countries.

Available EPISODES in Word Craze:

Click an image and you will be redirected to the levels corresponding to that specific episode / country, then choose the clue and you will be provided with the correct answer.

Word Craze - Episode 35 - Norway - Levels 1645 - 1704
Word Craze - Episode 36 - Belarus - Levels 1705 -1764
Word Craze - Episode 37 - Vatican City - Levels 1765 - 1824
Word Craze - Episode 39 - Paraguay - Levels 1885 - 1944
Word Craze - Episode 40 - Croatia - Levels 1945 - 2004
Word Craze - Episode 41 - Philipines - Levels 2005 - 2064
Word Craze - Episode 42 - Vietnam - Levels 2065 - 2124
Word Craze - Episode 43 - Mongolia - Levels 2125 - 2184
Word Craze - Episode 44 - Austria - Ñeveñs 2185 - 2244
Word Craze - Episode 45 - Bulgaria - Levels 2245 - 2284

Special game modes and  available rewards in Craze Word:

As similar games in this genre Word Craze has different kind of benefits for its players you can see some below, take advantage of them and use them wisely.

Check your progress

In the main screen, at the top left you have the default icon with Ann’s pet, if you click it, you can modify the name and also see how you are progressing in the game (level, trophy’s and sign days).

Buy bundles in the SHOP

There are available different kinds of sets and bundles with coins and boosters for the game. You can see them in the shop and buy the one that fits you necessities, also, some of them have the benefits of disabling ads so you wont see them for a while…

Travel pass & level reward

This two sections  will provide different benefits depending on the time you spend in the game and how are you progressing. Just click on each individually and see what rewards you can obtain.

Daily rewards

As the name express every day you have a different benefits just for accessing the game and claiming the reward.

Read Ann’s blog

Once you are completing levels and episodes Ann is will adding blog posts in its diary. In the journey module, where you select the episodes, just click in the fixed book displayed at the top right.

Connect your Facebook profile

It’s an easy way to save your progress and to share in this social media the game or inviting friends to play. Whenever you open a different device (Smartphone, tablet, Android device, etc) and connect your Facebook account to Word Craze all your progress will be saved there.

Personalize your game:

You can modify how the game is viewed, use coins to change the following sections:

  • Theme (6000)
  • Profile picture (100)
  • Frame (2500)
Be careful how you spend your coins, they are easy to earn but also extremely easy to spend…

Review your settings:

In the settings section you can enable / disable the sound, music and notifications, this will provide you a better game experience. There are some additional options regarding the game that are worth looking.

If you have any issue within the game you can contact the game developers in order to provide a suggestion, an error, a bug or whatever can improve the game.

Steps to download Word Craze:

First of all, you need to be aware of your operating system, the game is compatible with Android and iOS.

Next you need to go to each store, this means, Google Play Store or to the iOS Store. Go to the search bar and write ‘Word Craze’, select the software and if your device fits the requirements and space available you will have access to the download button.

Click over the button and you will be re-directed to the official stores.

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