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Multiple player word games for Android

Playing with a friend is always fun, so you need multiple player word games for your device. Luckily you are going to find the best list here. Let’s dive in our list of some of the best multiplayer word games for Android users.

Best multiple player word games

Infinite word search

Infinite word search is definitely the most complete game. You can play with Facebook friends using the multiplayer mode. You will have to find hidden words to be able to defeat random opponents.

The game has more than 100 categories to choose from, so you and your partner will have tons of fun.

Download Infinite Word Search


Ruzzle features tournaments and team games. Choose a partner to play with and find as many words as you can in less than two minutes before you lose. Swipe across the scrambled letters and you will earn some points.

Also, you can also play with Twitter or Facebook friends or match up against random opponents.

Download Ruzzle

Scrabble GO

If you want something a little more different, Scrabble GO is the game for you. It’s very similar to the original Scrabble, but it incorporates new game modes. You and your partner only have five turns to guess the words right, and if the timer hits zero and you don’t have the answer, it’ll be a game over.

Download Scrabble GO


Wordox presents a unique gameplay. You can steal letters from your opponents if you are smarter than them. If your partner is fast, then you could steal the game in no time.

When you play a new word, your team can claim the spaces on the 9 x 9 board and when your friend plays a different word, they will steal the spaces, meaning the other group won’t have a chance against you.

Download Wordox


Lastly, BattleText is the right multiple player word game for Android users who are looking for a challenge. The multiplayer game features new rules. For instance, the last letter of your opponent’s word has to be the first letter of your word.

In case you lose a round, then some letters from your keyboard are going to be eliminated.

Download BattleText

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