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Android trivia games in 2021

Every year Android trivia games dominate the app market, and if you want to find the newest titles, you are going to have to read this entry. If you are in the mood to shake your brain cells, then you will enjoy our list.

Best Android Trivia games in 2021

Memoria Quiz

Memoria Quiz is a mixture of exciting adventures and challenging quizzes. This is a highly competitive game in which you will have to answer tough questions to continue escalating.

The game has its own merchandise, which you can buy by earning coins as you play.  

Download Memoria Quiz

Trivia Crush

This title is both simple and entertaining. When the game starts you can choose any category you want, and once you decide, you will have to start thinking.

Each round has three questions, but if you don’t want to pick a category, you can pay diamonds to roll the categories again. As you finish the levels, you are going to earn diamonds, make sure you use them for your benefit.

Download Trivia Crush

Quiz Club

Quiz Club has plenty of categories for you to discover. Also, the game incorporates a math mode in which you have to solve as many math problems as you can.

The more you answer the more gold you are going to receive, which means you can purchase items within the game.

Download Quiz Club

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is among the best Android trivia games. You have to answer fun questions at first, but as you progress the quizzes are going to become more challenging.

Moreover, the game has adventure levels to increase the difficulty.

Download Trivia Crack 

Super Buzzer 3

Super Buzzer is really a mobile gameshow. As a player you will be paired with other users and you will have to answer random trivia questions as quickly as you can.

Even though you won’t earn gold or money, you can always pay to avoid ads.

Download Super Buzzer 3


Lastly, Quereka offers a lot of daily quizzes presented in different formats. You can ean coins by answering questions related to sports and more.

Download Quereka

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