Garden of Words is the selected game for those who want to improve their vocabulary and think deeply while having fun. With a couple of years around and a recent update this title has became a suggested game.

For organizational purposes Garden of Words has been encapsulated in worlds, packs and levels, you will find the answers and correct words easily by selecting the world below, the pack and then select the level or by writing in the search bar the information requested.

Get some help below and continue playing the game!

Garden of Words available WORLDS:

World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World 7

World 8

World 9

World 10

World 11

World 12

World 13

World 14

World 15

World 16

World 17

World 18

World 19

World 20

World 21

World 22

World 23

World 24

World 25

World 26

World 27

World 28

World 29

World 30

World 31

World 32

World 33

World 34

World 35

World 36

World 37

World 38

World 39

World 40

World 41

World 42

World 43

World 44

World 45

World 46

World 47

World 48

World 49

World 50

World 51

World 52

World 53

World 54

World 55

World 56

World 57

World 58

World 59

World 60

World 61

World 62

World 63

World 64

World 65

World 66

World 67

World 68

World 69

World 70

World 71

World 72

World 73

World 74

World 75

World 76

Garden of Words: Characteristics of the game.

Connect your account:

You can connect your Facebook or Google account to save the progress if you want to play in different devices or load all the completed parts.

Music / Effects:

By default both are enabled but in the settings you can just disable them to play more comfortable.

Different helpers:

There are 3 different helpers inside the game. One will complete a random letter in a block, other one will make you choose a block and then complete the letter, finally the last one will make you choose a letter and it will be added in all the blocks that fits.

Extra words:

Whenever you find a considered ‘Extra word‘ it will provide you with coins as a reward.

Watch Ads and get coins:

As the title explains you have the chance to watch ads around 15 seconds and get a coin for second as exchange.

Buy coins and boosters:

There is a shop available were you can purchase coins and clovers, this means you can exchange this for boosts inside the game. Also you can remove the ads by buying some of the available packs.

Change the language:

By doing this a complete new game will be available, all the levels will be different, just be aware that all the previous progress will be lost.

You can choose between Spanish, English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Turkce, Portuguese and Nederlands.

Shuffle the letters:

By using this free option the letters are going to be reorganized, by this you can have a fresh look and have more chance of guessing the correct words.

A complete help section:

The game provides an official help section. You can see the FAQ in the settings -> Help.

How can I download Garden of Words in my Android or iOS device?

This question is usually asked by the users which enter to this website once they find out how good this game is, so we will answer in detail.

You have two easy possibilities to download Garden of Words. First of all you can go to the official store correspondent to your operating system, this means iTunes or the Google Play Store and write in the search field the name of the game. Another option, even more easier, is to give a click below to the logo of your store and you will be re-directed, once there you can click over the ‘Download’ button and wait until it’s installed in your device.