Developed by the company PlaySimple Games, Crossword Jam, is a game which wants to test the mindset, vocabulary and skills of the individuals who consider themselves smart. It’s hard, challenging and needs concentration for finding the words, bonus words and completing every crossword.

Because of the receptivity that had it has been updated quite a few times and actually has 179 countries and more than 6000 levels available. If you are a person playing Crossword Jam who is unable to surpass a specific level this article is for you and it will provide help to continue advancing.

To navigate, just have a look below, select the country, then the level, read the right solutions and then -in your device- form the correct words.

ALL Crossword Jam available countries:

Click in a country and navigate until you find the Crossword Jam level you want to solve.

How to play Crossword Jam?

Fill the blocks in the crossword:

The objective is to complete the words in the crossword by using the available letters as a clue, swipe and connect the letters by selecting them in the order of the word you want to create.

Complete all the words:

Once a word is completed the crossword is not done, you need to fill each and every block available, this means, finish and generate all the available words and don’t leave an empty space.

What to do if you are blocked?

It’s possible to use the available helpers or shuffle to complete those hard levels. Another option is to navigate trough our website and get the right solutions of every Crossword level.

Featured functionalities and aspects:

Log in Crossword Jam:

If you access with Facebook to the game, it will save your progress to play in a different device and will make you earn 50 coins.

Full dictionary:

Read and learn the definitions of the words you complete, useful for improving vocabulary.

Help center:

From the contact us section, you can reach the ‘Help center’ section which will almost for sure dismiss at least the basic questions. If this FAQ it’s not enough you can contact the developers with your doubts.

What available hints and helpers do you have in Crossword Jam?

  • Normal hint:

It will reveal just one letter from the Crossword, use it by clicking the light bulb.

  • Pick hint:

It’s displayed as a finger, once selected choose a block in the crossword and the correct letter will appear there.

  • Burst hint:

If you click the lightning bolt, 6 random blocks in the crossword will be filled.

  • Shuffle the letters:

It’s a good way to see the letters in a different way, it provides a complete distinct order.

Some ways to get coins…

1- Link your Facebook account, as previously mentioned, you will get 50 coins as a reward.

2- Watch a video for 10 seconds and earn 10 coins.

3- Finish tasks from the quest center. There are a wide variety of duties to finish and get coins as a benefit for it.

4- Find bonus words, each one will add 5 coins to the pot.

5- Buy them in the SHOP. Available in bundles and with add-ons like no ads while playing you can purchase coins.

Crossword Jam: How to download in Android and iOS

Do you want to download free Crossword Jam? Well, it’s not hard, however you need to know how to do it and we will disclose it here.

First of all check the OS you have, it’s mandatory to have Android or iOS. Then you need to access to the official store being Google Play Store in Android or the Apple Store for iOS, once there, just type ‘Crossword Jam‘ in the search bar and click over the first result. Finally click over the download button, it will start getting the data to your device, then it will be installed automatically and you will have a new icon available to access from it.

An even easier way is to click in the image below correspondent to your device.