CodyCross has become one of the most popular crossword & puzzle game for Android and iOS to entertain, learn and help to improve vocabulary while playing and enjoying some time.

We provide a complete WALKTROUGH for every pack, world, group and puzzle, you will be able to find ALL the solutions, each clue has and answer and we provide it for you, search and navigate to get them.

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List of WORLDS

Developed by the company Fanatee, the CodyCross game has thousands of puzzles to play organized in packs, worlds, groups and levels. The player has to help the main character named Cody by completing all the words inside the crossword-puzzle, in order to do so, the clue is fundamental and is the main source of information to guess the solution. It’s necessary to think and make the connections with the available letters and -also- when you start completing you should see some partials structure of the words.

How to play and objectives

If you have played before a letter soup or crossword puzzle, for sure, you will be able to intuitively understand how to play CodyCross but, if not, don’t worry it’s not going to be difficult at all. The main goal is to complete every puzzle, this means, to guess every word inside the crossword, once this is done the puzzle is finished. You will advance to the next one, when you complete each puzzle inside a group you have access to the next group and, finally, after all the groups of a world are finished you can advance to the next world.

Once you are inside a puzzle -after going trough a world and group- you will see a rectangular block with empty tiles. Each row will provide you with a different clue and has to be filled with the solution, in case you are stuck with one you can -by clicking the left or right arrow- go to the next of previous one. Just below the clue you will find all the letters that are going to be needed to complete each locker and word, of course, you will use only a few for every right answer and not all of them. If you are able to complete the crossword the red lockers will display a secret word or phrase and advance to the next puzzle.

Structure: Worlds, packs, puzzles & clues:

The game is structured mainly in worlds and packs, the amount of these actually varies and is increasing constantly because each time there is an update more content is added. Inside of each one you will find 20 groups, this is a fixed quantity and, inside every group you have access to 5 puzzles, each one contains a different amount of clues and solutions you have to guess.

The main thing we can say is that it’s an extremely complete and large game to entertain its players.

Game Expert main objective is to help individuals to surpass every challenge available in CodyCross, this is why you will be able to find easily the ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS.

Inside help to complete the words: Powerful power-ups – The Cody helpers

You need a lot of knowledge to complete every puzzle, even tough sometimes you get stuck in an specific answer, that’s why -before trying to find in our website the solution- it is possible to get some help with the available hints (power-ups), depends on which one you use is the benefit and cost it will have, the following explanation is starting from the top left and going one by one to the right.

(1) – Reveals 1 letter and costs 1 token.

(2) – Reveals random letters in the crossword and costs 2 tokens.

(3) – Highlights the letters -without order- necessaries to complete the raw and costs 2 tokens.

(4) – Revels the complete word and costs 3 tokens.

How can I get tokens in CodyCross?

  • There are different possibilities to earn free tokens in CodyCross. Daily accessing to the game and opening the reward chest will gift you tokens, you can also gain tokens by inviting friends (20 tokens) and connecting to Facebook (15 tokens).
  • If you watch some of the available ads you are going to earn tokens too, just use some time to do this and then you will be able to use the tokens to get hints an advance inside the game.
  • By getting new achievements tokens are gonna be added to your account.
  • A different possibility, but not free, is to get tokens by buying them in the shop.

What events are available?

To make things different and interesting there are different events like the following ones:

  1.  Daily Streak
  2.  Today Crossword
  3.  Themed packs

The importance of inviting friends to play CodyCross:

As everyone knows friendship is extremely important in daily life, making the relationship with CodyCross you can:

  • Create your own puzzle and share it with your friends.
  • Invite friends, earn tokens by doing so and share your progress with them.

Payed subscription and packs:

If you have completed all the normal worlds, groups and puzzles in the game and would like to continue playing there is a chance you can be interested in the subscription special section. By paying a fee you will have access to the pack area with new puzzles and specific themes separated by difficulty (Hard, Medium, Easy, Piece of Cake) this benefit will also remove the ads and provide access to special chests and daily rewards.

How to save and reload previous progress?

In order to start playing CodyCross where you left it before you have to synced your account with an Online service, this can be Facebook for Android and iOS or specifically with Google Play games (Android) or it’s going to be automatically synced with your iTunes account (iOS). We suggest you to connect to your Facebook account so when you re-login in another device you are able to start in the last puzzle left.

Is it possible to play CodyCross offline?

Yes, this is one of the main benefits of this app. If you previously -being Online- open a map it is going to be saved so you can play while being offline, when the device is Online again it will update and save your progress (if your account is connected to Facebook, iTunes or Google Play Games).

The negative part of this mode is that you are not able to open chests with rewards, get daily prizes, buy tokens or do other activities which an active Online connection.

How to download CodyCross in Android and iOS?

CodyCross crossword puzzle is compatible with the two main mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, in both cases it’s completely free the download itself. You can get it from the Google Play Store and the app Store from Apple.

You can download and help Cody to solve the trivia words in Smartphones and tablets, also, from laptops if you use an emulator an install the CodyCross APK version there.