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We are here to provide help for a huge variety of games. You will find answers, solutions, tutorials and walktroughs in order to overcome those challenges.

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If you would like to solve various puzzles and word games, then you are were you have to be. This site contains answers to the most popular games with words for iPhone and Android. Have a look below and choose the game you want to get help.

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Step by step our idea is to became one of the biggest Android and iOS game helper site. Feel free to provide us a comment or drop us an e-mail with a suggested game.

The following Game Expert features makes us one of the most recommended webs to research those solutions to the hard levels which keep you stucked.


You will find the correct solution to surpass the level.


Stop wasting more time in that level, find the answer and continue playing.


Apart from the exact answers you will find bonus words and additional help.

What are the favorite game categories for where we provide solutions?

Mainly we have compiled answers and solutions regarding word, trivia and crossword games, however, we want to add games related to strategy and skill with their complete walk-troughs.

It’s OK to search for help if I’m stucked?

Yes, or course it is. If you can’t advance in a game and are completely blocked in a certain level we suggest you to find the solution and continue playing. It’s important to be entertained and learn trough the process and, sometimes, you need help to advance.

Can I get in trouble or be banned if I search answers for a game?

It’s recommended to read the privacy policy and everything related to the behavior that a game allows to discard every doubt we have. Roughly every game allows and accepts that their users will use help to play. Imagine if you are blocked and can’t surpass a level and are not allowed to use any help, you will just uninstall and find another game, it’s not the idea of the game developers.

Our conclusion is HAVE FUN while playing and if you need help just look for it.

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